Eden Drug Helps its Patients Become Healthier… and Happier

Working with PrescribeWellness Empowers Pharmacist Pete Crouch and his Staff to Increase Customer Loyalty and Improve Patient Adherence



When PrescribeWellness called him 3 years ago, Pete Crouch RPh was searching for a solution to aid his dwindling flu shot business. Big box retailers were actively promoting flu shots in his area and even the local doctors started offering flu shots again.


“I was looking for something like A Million More (the PrescribeWellness offering designed to raise awareness of obtaining a flu shot from your retail, community pharmacist). Calls to my patients… in my voice… demonstrating my focus on their health… it really worked! People came in, and just kept coming,” remembered Pete.


After the success of the flu shot campaign, Pete wondered if PrescribeWellness could help him in other areas of his business.


“Our overall prescription volume was flat,” shared Pete. “I was doing everything I could: television commercials, a newsletter to patients, a diabetes class, a weekly health article in the local newspaper, and more. You name it and I probably tried it.”


So, Pete signed up for the PrescribeWellness adherence program, Pharmacy Growth. He recorded and delivered calls to his patients reminding them about refills due or scripts in will call. He also wished his patients a “Happy Birthday”.


The results were impressive. The 500-scripts-per-day pharmacy had filled over 7,000 additional scripts in the first year using PrescribeWellness services.


“When I first signed up, I thought it was expensive,” said Pete. “By the end of the second month, I was telling my staff that this program had already paid for itself.”


“It is a great way to grow scripts and revenue with your existing customers,” Pete continued. “It is also provides a great opportunity to share our numbers – and our story – with doctors and other providers. Talk about abundant thinking! What we are doing is a win for the patients who are more adherent and healthier, a win for us (the pharmacy) with healthier patients and a better bottom line, a win for the doctors who have found a pharmacy that gets their patients to take their medications as prescribed, and a win for the payers, too I suspect. It is a win, win, win, win scenario!”


Recently, Pete has integrated PrescribeWellness’ medication synchronization tools into his existing, yet newly expanded med sync offering. He has several hundred patients enrolled using a manual method, but has a goal to reach 1,000 patients by the end of the year using PrescribeWellness.


“Fundamentally, manual Appointment-Based Models hit a glass ceiling with a limited number of patients,” added Pete. “Through StarWellness, PrescribeWellness provides all of the technology necessary to raise the glass ceiling and allow me to service hundreds and hundreds of patients.”


Pete is not done with just med sync. He continues to closely monitor the evolution of the community pharmacist. He is now focused on his data and using the data mining tools that he has at his disposal to make better business decisions. He is also excited about PrescribeWellness’ newly released “Now” feature and partnership with Mirixa.


“A community pharmacist needs inventive partners to help them remain successful in this changing healthcare environment,” exclaimed Pete. “For me, one of those partners is PrescribeWellness.”

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