Stayton Pharmacy enrolls over 300 patients after switching to Med Sync

Stayton Pharmacy’s lead technician, Kayla Cooper,  was asked by pharmacy owners, Jamie and Melissa Netland, to take on the role of “PrescribeWellness Champion” and lead their team as they implemented a new, technology-enabled Med Sync offering. She had approximately 40 patients enrolled in Simplify My Meds® manual Med Sync.

After completing StarWellness training, Kayla set aside one day a week to focus solely on Med Sync. The pharmacy quickly gained momentum, enrolling over 300 patients in just a few months. Kayla even hit a StarWellness milestone when she enrolled the 100,000th patient in StarWellness across all pharmacies using the application in February of 2016. Stayton pharmacies success enrolling patients in StarWellness has increased adherence among hundreds of patients in Stayton, Oregon and, consequently, has contributed to the improved patient health within their community.

“We started Med Sync from the ground up [at Stayton Pharmacy]; first we tried autofill and then we tried Simplify My Meds®. It wasn’t until we started using StarWellness that we were really able to maximize the number of patients we have enrolled in Med Sync.”

When asked what she attributes Stayton Pharmacy’s success with Med Sync Kayla became exuberant. She identified a few key factors including StarWellness.

Kayla Cooper_Med Sync Exxcerpt

“StarWellness is easy to use. Especially when you consider that it was only me and a Google calendar before, Kayla shared. “Also, being afforded a specific time to focus on Med Sync was crucial, especially when we were getting started. Also, I am lucky enough to have a team of co-workers that support our Med Sync efforts.”

Kayla also highlighted the improvements made in their day-to-day pharmacy efficiencies as a key factor that contributed to the high adoption and engagement rates among the rest of the pharmacy staff.

“We all feel considerably more at ease in our daily operation. We don’t have to tell a patient they have to wait a day for us to order a medication we are out of it, Kayla shared. “We don’t have as many walk-ins that result in us dropping everything to fill that prescription. We pre-order our expensive drugs. The patients that used to call every other day for a refill, well, they don’t call so much anymore because they know when their medications will be ready.”

Stayton Pharmacy also uses the additional automated calls offered by PrescribeWellness. These include the ‘refill reminder’ calls and the ‘birthday’ calls, used to strengthen the relationship with their patients.

Kayla and her team see the benefits of the communications regularly.

“The relationship we have with our patients has strengthened over time,” Kayla shared. “Even if I’m not there when the patients pick up their medications, they come in and say ‘I got the call to remind me that it’s time for me to pick up my meds again!’ and the best part for me is, I don’t have to call them all individually anymore!”

Kayla has over 15 years experience as a pharmacy technician. She began her career at a Safeway pharmacy where she recalls having an impression that everything was ‘top notch’. That was until she accepted a job with Stayton Pharmacy and began using the software solutions from PrescribeWellness, including StarWellness.

When discussing StarWellness, Kayla was adamant, “We love this program… If people are on the fence about StarWellness, they shouldn’t be. All you have to do it just get started, find a couple people you know that are taking a few medications, and start from there. Once you get a few patients enrolled, you get comfortable with how easily [StarWellness] works, and from there you can really scale your Med Sync offering. The best part is, once you have 60-75 patients enrolled that’s when you’ll really start to see the benefits in your pharmacy operations.”

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