North Village Pharmacy Increases Adherence & Loyalty

North Village Pharmacy owner Vernon Massengill, RPh, was first introduced to PrescribeWellness while attending a wholesale trade show. Interested in finding a solution that could help his pharmacy stay competitive against the big box retailers, Vernon was quickly impressed by what PrescribeWellness was capable of doing.

“When we saw PrescribeWellness, I wanted it that day! I was excited by its potential,” said Vernon. “Pharmacists tend to be scared of anything new or technology related. Our pharmacy is all about staying one-step ahead of our competition, and the technology that PrescribeWellness offers helps keep me two-steps ahead.”

Soon after, Vernon quickly implemented Pharmacy Growth and StarWellness into his pharmacy. He relied on the help of his PrescribeWellness Onboarding Representative to introduce the products to his staff and train them.

“The training was perfect for me and my staff. We aren’t that tech-savvy,” shared Vernon. “But, our PrescribeWellness Representative walked us through all the products and answered all of our questions. We spent some time on the PrescribeWellness University watching the different training videos. They were awesome! There were no growing pains. They helped us get started by suggesting that we assign different functions to different members of my staff.”VernonMassengill-ExcerptAfter a few short weeks, Vernon and his staff were sending calls and syncing patients without hiring additional employees or impacting their workflow; thus, improving patient adherence and customer loyalty while increasing their revenue.

“Before, we were syncing patients haphazardly. We had a wall calendar where we were writing our patients names down who needed to be synced. Then we would have to look at their scripts and determine who needs what and when. It was time-consuming,” said Vernon.  “With PrescribeWellness, it’s a lot faster. It is second nature to us now. It’s hard to imagine what it was like before we had PrescribeWellness.”

Vernon says that he sends calls for everything and the feedback from his patients has been nothing but positive — especially the ‘Happy Birthday’ calls.

“My patients are going to stay with us longer because sending these messages in my voice lets them know that we care,” Vernon added.

The effort made by Vernon and his staff has since translated increases in customer loyalty into improvements in their quality measures.

“The industry average for loyalty is 70.6% and ours has increased to over 80%. That’s very exciting!” exclaimed Vernon. “There was no way of calculating this measure before. Now I can go in and look at the Star Ratings graphs and identify those patients who are affecting my score and reach out to them using an OnDemand campaign. It’s so easy!”

Now, a year since he first started using PrescribeWellness, Vernon has become an advocate and active endorser of PrescribeWellness, recommending the solution to his friends in the community pharmacy industry.

“I would recommend PrescribeWellness over and over again. There is no question about it,” shared Vernon. “We have sent out over 7,400 calls in the last six months. That means someone has heard the name ‘North Village Pharmacy’ over 7,400 times. It’s the best kind of advertising. This has allowed us to be more competitive in the marketplace, has increased our customer loyalty and added revenue. Who doesn’t want that?”

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