PrescribeWellness Shows Continued Growth with Two Key Appointments

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Collaborative healthcare company PrescribeWellness appoints new Vice Chairman and Chief Technical Officer.

IRVINE, Calif.–PrescribeWellness, the cloud-based services company whose mission is to inspire collaboration for better health, today announced the appointment of Sean Power as Vice Chairman and Yesi Orihuela as Chief Technology Officer.

Sean Power, co-founder and former CTO of PrescribeWellness, is now responsible for identifying and prioritizing new strategic initiatives for the company. Power is a technology entrepreneur with experience in big data, analytics and healthcare. His data expertise will aid PrescribeWellness in uncovering new opportunities to reduce the cost of care for health plans and consumers, while speaking to new and existing constituents about how to best leverage the trusted relationships between 35 million patients and their local community pharmacists.

“PrescribeWellness has a passion for connecting community pharmacists with patients– pharmacists who are interested in preventive care, population health and chronic disease management,” said Power. I look forward to supporting their growth in my new role as vice chairman, and I plan to use my experience in big data and analytics to positively impact the healthcare decisions made by patients and their local pharmacists.”

“I am excited to have Sean join our board as vice chairman. His track record of running companies that manage massive amounts of health data will prove invaluable for our pharmacy clients,” said Al Babbington, CEO of PrescribeWellness. “Sean is leading our strategy of interoperability and exchange of data with health plans to expand the role of pharmacy in America.”

Additionally, former Vice President of Development and UX Yesi Orihuela has been appointed Chief Technology Officer. In this position, he will lead the technology team as it continues to innovate products that transform preventive health care, including the application of AI to patient behaviors to achieve better health outcomes. Orihuela has a long history in technology: he designed an investment planning tool for Fidelity’s first iOS mobile app and founded his own design, development, and consulting firm where he worked with WolterKluwer’s UpToDate mobile app.

“The PrescribeWellness team is exceptional, and I’m thrilled to be working with them to empower pharmacists in their new role as the health hubs of the community,” said Orihuela. “I am truly proud that my work here will help improve health in America.”

“Yesi has overseen development of applications that streamline processes for Fortune 100 and Silicon Valley startups,” said Babbington. “His expertise in creating a better user experience is critical for our pharmacies which are proactively managing adherence, immunizations and chronic care management for over 35 million lives, including one in five Medicare patients.”

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