With New Certification, PrescribeWellness Can Further Support CCNC and Other CPESN Organizations in Their Care Coordination and Patient Care Initiatives

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IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PrescribeWellness, the cloud-based services company whose mission is to inspire collaboration for better health, today announced that it has obtained official notification of successful completion of phase I of the Pharmacist eCare Plan initiative. For more information on the Pharmacist eCare Plan initiative, click here.

This is the first step in enabling the sharing of caring plans electronically, supporting care coordination, and managing payment through a service offering called PrescribeCare.

This project allows hundreds of PrescribeWellness community pharmacy customers to actively participate with Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC) and its patient centered medical home and care management activities.

“Community pharmacists play a critical role in improving the health of their patients in their communities, and PrescribeCare will enable them to do even more,” said Al Babbington, CEO of PrescribeWellness. “Community pharmacies are being empowered to make the paradigm shift from being pill-centric to patient-centric, and enhanced services are an integral part of that. We serve nearly 400 community pharmacies in North Carolina—they are leading the way in the establishment of new payment models and demonstrating that their encounters reduce costs.”

Using Technology to Improve Care Coordination

PrescribeCare is an electronic pharmacy “care plan”—a shared document detailing patients’ medication use. Pharmacists can use PrescribeCare to share care plans electronically with other care providers, thereby improving care coordination and earning compensation for their care interventions. PrescribeCare will reduce redundant data entry and allow clinical information originating from community pharmacies to be more easily exchanged with other members of the care team.

“We are excited to have PrescribeWellness provide technology that supports the CPESN℠ mission to enable sustainable models of community-based pharmacy enhanced services delivery to patients and their providers,” said Troy Trygstad, vice president, Pharmacy Programs at Community Care of North Carolina and executive director, CPESN USA. “The Pharmacist eCare Plan initiative will allow community-based pharmacists and pharmacy team members to interact and collaborate with other members of the patient’s care team.”

Community pharmacists can also use the PrescribeWellness technology platform to identify what interventions or services a patient needs and drive patient services like medication reconciliation, adherence monitoring and medication synchronization, immunizations, Medicare plan reviews, patient engagement, communication to the electronic health record to other healthcare providers, and billing for enhanced services.

“PrescribeWellness is helping transform the future of pharmacy,” said Mindy Smith, vice president of Pharmacy Practice Innovation at PrescribeWellness. “With PrescribeCare, community pharmacists have the tools they need to optimize medication therapy and patient health outcomes by connecting with the primary care provider and healthcare team. It is exciting to be a part of the transformation which will help create new opportunities for community pharmacies.”

PrescribeCare interfaces with over 50 pharmacy management systems to analyze dispensing data in real time, giving the pharmacy team insight into the needs of their patients and streamlining the medication reconciliation process. Community pharmacies that are not current customers of PrescribeWellness can purchase PrescribeCare as a standalone platform. For current PrescribeWellness customers, PrescribeCare will be available for no additional cost.

“PrescribeCare is the latest in tools that EPIC Pharmacy Network leverages to lead the trend toward high performance and enhanced services,” said Jay Romero, R.Ph., president of EPIC Pharmacy Network, Inc. “It aligns with our organization’s commitment to proactively provide the tools, services, and personalized support for independent pharmacies to not just survive but thrive in the face of industry changes.”

Support of Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC)

PrescribeWellness developed PrescribeCare to support CCNC’s Community Pharmacy Network as well as Mutual Clinical Network (both CPESN℠ affiliated networks in North Carolina) as well as other local Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Networks (or CPESN℠ organizations) in their care coordination and patient care initiatives, networks that provide targeted services to an eligible population of more than three million Medicaid, Medicare and dually-eligible recipients.

“CCNC is demonstrating that community pharmacies can play a critical role in reducing healthcare costs and improving the health of Americans most in need,” added Babbington. “It is a top priority to support projects like CCNC’s that integrate the critical role of pharmacy and the pharmacist into the Patient Centered Medical Home Model and primary care generally to create sustainable models of care delivery for both, and a drive a patient-centric workflow.”

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