Owning Your Workflow

The Information Age & Pharmacy

We are living in the midst of the age of information. It is now easier than ever to share important information and connect with people around the globe. As a local pharmacist this can be a great opportunity for you and your staff, but integrating new technologies into your business can be a daunting endeavor.

With all the latest technological developments, patients are also evolving and expecting a new level of care from their health care providers. Patients are now relying on pharmacists to provide more than just their medications. They want additional services, timely reminders through text messaging, medication synchronization, and exceptional customer service.

For the pharmacy, this means taking more of a patient-centric approach, rather than a pill- centric approach. Patient satisfaction is paramount, as patients’ voices can more easily be heard as well. With the rise of review sites such as Yelp, an unhappy patient can cost you more than just one patient, you may lose several current and potential patients.

Proactive vs Reactive Workflow Management

If there is one thing we know about running a pharmacy, it’s that it can be overwhelming. Your workflow probably feels chaotic at times, like you are just jumping from one task to the next, hoping for a break so you can catch up on the tasks that keep your doors open. If that sounds familiar, you probably are operating with a reactive workflow style.

PrescribeWellness wants to help pharmacies be more proactive with their workflow. It is possible to tame the chaos and anticipate patient needs. All of our software solutions integrate with your pharmacy management system (PMS), which means we provide the most up to date data analytics that translate to actionable tasks in your Patient Engagement Center.

It’s Not Broken, But You Can Still Fix It

Let’s be honest, the phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” is not a universal truth. That adage is best left to old cars, not your pharmacy. At PrescribeWellness we believe that there can be a more efficient way of doing things. As Henry Ford allegedly said, “if I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Sure, he might not have actually said that, but it doesn’t make the sentiment any less true- if we keep doing what has been done, nothing will ever improve.

Your Superhero Power: Mastering Chaos

This might sound familiar- you enter the pharmacy in the morning, you start up all your computers, log into your PMS, check your voicemails, see if you have new prescriptions to fill, unlock the doors to open the store- and suddenly things become hectic. Your patients walk in for refills that have not yet been filled, your phone is ringing with other patients and physicians on the line. You’re receiving inventory, trying to process it, and soon the faxes start coming in. While maintaining all of this you are also trying to check on the status for prior authorization and refill requests and submit new inventory orders. And when you find a moment, you try to call your patients that have prescriptions sitting in the will call bin. Maybe you find a prescription or two that has to be returned to stock and then deal with that process. The way you and your staff handle this basically makes you the real-life Avengers (pharmacy edition). Because you’re all superheroes, you somehow manage to push through the chaos and get it all done before you close shop for the day. Phew!

PrescribeWellness has worked diligently to provide pharmacists solutions that will ultimately help you provide better care for your patients by allowing you to proactively manage your workflow by owning it. The solutions will help streamline your tasks, so you can spend more time growing your business, helping your patients become healthier, and maybe take a lunch break.

A Day with PrescribeWellness- Owning Your Workflow

Our Patient Engagement Center is sort of like a pharmacist’s crystal ball. It allows you to look into the future and see what should be happening in your pharmacy within the next few days. You can log into your Patient Engagement Center first thing in the morning and see what patients are due to come in and pick up medications, which are due for refills, and also what other services of yours they may benefit from. Having this information gives you and your staff a great opportunity to be able to review patient’s profiles before they come in, so you are thoroughly prepared for anything you may want to speak with them about. On your Patient Engagement Center you will also be able to see what patients will be receiving an automated PharmacyGrowth phone call or text message, and why.

PharmacyGrowth also helps drastically improve the patient’s experience. They know they will be receiving a call or text when their medications are ready, rather than having to call in and ask, or wait in the pharmacy. Additionally, if a patient does dial back after they’ve received a call, you are more easily able to see why they were called, so the phone calls are more efficient and more friendly.

Within PrescribeWellness you are also able to see upcoming revenue opportunities. Patients can be identified if they are in need of a plan review or vaccination. They will also be identified if they can benefit from a Med Sync program through StarWellness. You can also easily send automated calls to patients who have medications in your will call bin, which can significantly reduce your return to stock and associated costs.

Integrating PrescribeWellness solutions into your business allows you to own your workflow. Imagine a day where almost all of your patients who walk in have their medications ready, you know what medications are being filled in the next several days, and your outbound calls are scheduled for you. With that extra time, you can confidently order more inventory, speak with your patients, check on refill requests, and provide additional services.

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