PrescribeWellness Releases Improved Workflow to Support Pharmacy Transition to Patient-centric Approach

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IRVINE, Calif.—July 11, 2017—PrescribeWellness, the cloud-based services company that inspires collaboration for better health, today announced the release of a new tool to support community pharmacies as they transition their workflow from a pill-centric to patient-centric approach.

PrescribeWellness’ newest release allows the pharmacy tech or front counter staff to quickly pull up a patient profile and instantly see additional opportunities to impact patient care.

“The role of community pharmacists has expanded ‘beyond the fill,’” said Al Babbington, CEO of PrescribeWellness. “Their responsibilities now include much more than dispensing medications and the next script. PrescribeWellness is here to support them in that role. This new tool will further ease the transition to more holistic patient support.”

With this improved workflow tool, care opportunities are instantly displayed in the patient profile–for example, if patients are due for an immunization or Medicare plan review; if they are a candidate for Med Sync; if they need over-the-counter supplies or other services; or if there is an open Mirixa case.

An additional enhancement also allows a new “push-to-queue” feature, supported by the leading pharmacy management systems (PMS). In addition to a new script, the patient may have others coming due. Once the technician sees all the scripts they want to fill, a simple click of a button will send the fill requests into the work queue of the pharmacy management system, allowing for more time with the patient to address other care needs. Patients can also now send prescription refill requests from a pharmacy’s website, the pharmacy locator, and participating third-party applications, directly back to the customer’s PMS work queue.

Other workflow improvements include the ability to pre-populate forms to provide the patient with a printed medication history and easy completion of the pre-screening form for immunizations.

“These tools are about empowering pharmacists to practice at the top of their license,” added Babbington. “Patient encounters should not start with an Rx number. Now pharmacists–like other trusted clinicians–can quickly review the patient chart, medication history and other needs.”

“We are very pleased that so many of the leading pharmacy management systems have worked collaboratively with us to support these important features for improved pharmacy workflow,” said Sahar Ali Makhmoor, Director of Systems Integration at PrescribeWellness. “Pharmacies can efficiently accept prescription information from various outside sources in a manner that has not previously been possible. This improves the process both for pharmacies and their patients.”

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