Keeping Your Patients Healthy this Holiday Season

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The holiday season is filled with celebration after celebration, which keeps many of your patients busy and feeling very much on-the-go. While these celebrations are exciting and fun, they can also be taxing, leaving us feeling drained and exhausted. As often happens when we get busy, our health goals are the first to take a back seat. Fortunately, keeping your patients on track with both their medications and overall health can be fairly simple! How?

Health Literacy and Education

Start by evaluating the health literacy of your patients. Pharmacists that are trained to identify low health literacy and can effectively communicate with their patients can drive improved population health outcomes1. A great starting point is ensuring that your patients understand the importance of a preventative lifestyle, like eating a proper diet, getting regular exercise and kicking bad habits, such as smoking. Such efforts could not only help current chronic conditions improve, but also prevent any further chronic conditions from developing! It’s so much more cost-effective to prevent chronic diseases than it is to treat them after they occur. Prevention is most effectively done through lifestyle and environmental changes1.

Adopt a solution

Once you and your staff have educated your patients on their existing or potential disease states, it’s important to outline what actionable steps can be taken to drive positive health outcomes. Your pharmacy can accomplish this by offering a variety of wellness services. Wellness services can be anything from nutrition counseling to smoking cessation programs offered within your pharmacy. Such programs will improve your patient’s health and help them work towards a more preventative lifestyle.

Pharmacy benefits

Of course, educating and equipping your patients with what they need to lead healthy lifestyles will not only improve their health and save them money, but it will create an opportunity for your pharmacy to become a pillar of health and wellness within your community. You and your staff can take advantage of your position by building meaningful relationships with your community members, breeding customer loyalty, and in turn, driving in even more revenue year after year.

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