Promoting Your Vaccination Program

Flu season is well underway… and many Americans have likely already received their vaccinations. Unfortunately, some studies state that somewhere between 60-70% of a population needs to be vaccinated to effectively prevent the spread of influenza through a community1.

Because flu season doesn’t peak until closer to January, it’s important that healthcare professionals, pharmacists included, educate their patients about the importance of vaccinations and the accessibility of administration sites, like your pharmacy!

Educate your patients.

Many people cite perceived risks associated with vaccinations as the primary reason for not receiving their flu shot each year1. Talk with your unvaccinated patients during their visit to determine their reasoning for not receiving a flu shot, and if it might have anything to do with the fear of associated risks, driven by misinformation. Explain that many of the misconceptions associated with vaccinations have been de-bunked2, and that with a bit of research and discussion with healthcare professionals, they might feel more comfortable and better understand the importance of routine vaccinations.

Make it easy.

Many patients also claim that they are too busy to go out of their way to get their flu shot. They don’t have the time to see their primary care physician for something as simple as a vaccination, so they decided not to get immunized altogether.

You might be surprised to hear that many of your patients aren’t aware that their local independent pharmacy can immunize! For your patients, that means no trip to the doctor’s office and no sitting around in the waiting room, so your patients can get back to their busy schedule! Inform your patients that pharmacists are trained in immunization administration and technique3. You can also use this opportunity to make sure your patients know which vaccinations your pharmacy offers in addition to the flu vaccine!

Your pharmacy has the influence to drive positive health outcomes. By helping your patients work through the obstacles they encounter when it comes to taking care of their health, you can help protect your community as a whole during this year’s flu season.

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