Working Efficiently Through the Holidays

We have eaten our way through the best Halloween candy and soon enough we will be stuffing our faces with turkey and potatoes. That can only mean one thing: the holidays are upon us.

Yes, of course, the holidays are a joyous season filled with loving family and traditions. But for most people the holidays are also a time of stress and worry. And you know better than anyone that the community pharmacist is not immune.

Not only do you have to focus on your own personal holiday tasks AND your pharmacy’s day to day operations, but there is also flu season, Medicare open enrollment, and trying to coordinate with patients who are traveling for the holidays. Oh and of course you have to do all this while cutting back on your operating hours (Who wants to be open on Thanksgiving? No thank you!)

So what’s a pharmacist to do? Well, we can’t do your holiday shopping for you (Sorry!) But PrescribeWellness is here to help.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

If you haven’t checked it out lately, make sure to look at the PrescribeWellness University. We have a ton of updated resources to help your pharmacy save precious time during this busy season.

The resources available on University can help you and your staff promote pharmacy services, educate yourselves on healthcare topics, or train on the PrescribeWellness software solutions!

Do you have special holiday hours and need to let all your patients know? We’ve got you covered. Our one-time campaigns take less than 5 minutes to record, and we can call your patients for you! We have scripts available for special holiday hours, Open Enrollment alerts, and different vaccines as well.

We have numerous posters  available to hang in your pharmacy to remind your patients of important events that they should be aware of!

Our University also offers informative webinars to help your pharmacy staff stay trained on relevant topics. If you need to brush up on any PrescribeWellness knowledge, we also offer a variety of videos and simple user guides for any of our products.

PrescribeWellness University is a one-stop-shop for anything you may want to learn about utilizing PrescribeWellness and capitalizing on the opportunities your pharmacy has. During this demanding time of year it is important to make sure that your operations are as efficient as possible. Let us help ease some work stress, so you can focus on what really matters

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