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Over the years, our habits and daily lifestyles have continuously changed. With the emergence of new technologies, like online grocery ordering and telecommuting physicians, we have more options than ever before. This means that everything, especially the way that we shop, is bound to change.

Most of us are guilty of wanting to get our errands done as quickly as possible, and that means running in and out of stores to get what we need without a second thought. As a result, your pharmacy likely misses opportunities to communicate directly with patients about their healthcare needs and other important topics, like convenient pharmacy services you offer that may make their lives even just a little bit easier. So how can you help your patients slow down just enough to learn what your pharmacy offers?

 Showcase convenience

Let’s face it…we are an impatient species! We want what we want when we want it, and we’ll do nearly anything to make it so. If your pharmacy offers services or products that will help your patient mark an extra “to-do” off their list, you can bet they’ll do it. That’s because 82% of consumers admit to buying what they need wherever they first see it1. These same consumers are also usually willing to pay more for the product/service if it’s just easier to do so1.

Stock up on key non-pharmacy items

Let’s take the average female shopper as an example. One study shows that 70% of female consumers have changed how they shop in the past 5 years1. Whether this is due to online shopping, a shift in needs, or something entirely different, that’s a pretty significant number.

Here’s how female shopping habits breakdown across three main categories… 39% of shopping is tied to health care, 40% is for basic groceries, and 51% is for beauty products and services1. Within these categories, a female shoppers most routine trips are for oral care and vitamins1… products your pharmacy probably already sells! Stock these near the pharmacy counter so your patients see them as they’re checking out.

Offer a solution

As a pharmacist, you know what your patients need, but do they know that you can fill that need? Whether it be a bag stuffer, flyer, phone call or quick conversation during a pharmacy visit, your patients should know about all of the services that your pharmacy can provide. Your services will be valued if they fulfill a need, solve a problem, or improve an existing situation that your patients identify with2.

Commit to providing health solutions

Businesses will often implement new ideas with the expectations to see earth-shattering results immediately. Unfortunately, that’s just not how businesses, especially in the pharmacy sphere, generally work. It takes time to build up certain offerings and relationships with your patients. There’s no short cut or quick way to the top – at least not a sustainable one. The process of sharing your capabilities with your patients will take time and patience. Don’t give up!


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