American Heart Month

Back in February of 1964, then-President Johnson proclaimed the first American Heart Month. During the 1960’s over half of the deaths in the United States were the result of cardiovascular disease. Thankfully, our country’s rates of heart disease have improved since the dawn of the hippie movement, but there is still a significant amount of progress to be made.

It is no secret that heart disease is a serious issue in the U.S. Approximately 1 in 4 deaths in America is related to heart disease – that equals over 600 thousand deaths every year!  More upsetting is the fact that roughly one-third of these deaths are considered to be preventable.

Despite overall improvements, it seems like heart disease may be on the rise again. We, as a health community, can help – and February is a great time to start.

For over 50 years, health professionals around the nation have celebrated and promoted American Heart Month. Although the month is halfway over, it is still possible to observe American Heart Month and help improve the health of your community members.

You probably already know all about the risk factors [ ] for heart disease, but you may not be aware of how the disease is affecting your community. The map below represents the rates of heart disease for each county in the US.

You can find an interactive version of this map here.

If you would like to observe American Heart Month in your pharmacy, we can help! Visit our Event Kits page in University to access our Healthy Hearts event kit. This kit has posters, bag stuffers, and social media posts to help spark a conversation with your patients. You can also visit the American Heart Association’s website to learn more about American Heart Month, and refresh your knowledge to help you speak with your patients about this important issue.

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