Community Pharmacies: Get in Sync

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Traditionally, pharmacists have focused on filling the right prescription, getting the right pill in the bottle, and getting their patients in and out of the door as quickly as possible – even if they were still coming in multiple times a week for multiple refills. But as our culture continues to redefine “good customer service”, pharmacists are forced to alter their focuses. Before, customers just wanted quick service. Now, they want quick service, fewer visits, streamlined prescription filling processes, and pharmacists that are available to answer their questions and provide them with more information. So how can community pharmacies meet these growing customer demands?

The short answer: A Med Sync program. But you already knew that. Surprisingly, many pharmacies are hesitant to implement an adherence program, considering it’s actually pretty simple to get started and the benefits are out of this world. Are you wondering if your pharmacy should consider adopting a Med Sync program? Another short answer: You should be. Allow us to tell you why.

Your patients will thank you

Med Sync programs make it easy for your patients to stay on top of their refills. With one single pickup date, your patients can make sure they get all of their necessary medications at once, and thus avoid missed refills in the future. This helps keep your patients healthy and allows them to spend less time coming in and out of the pharmacy.

Medication adherence monitoring takes little front-end investment, and requires minimal staff members to be on board for the implementation process.

Med Sync programs can integrate with most dispensing systems, so it’s easy to implement into existing processes. With StarWellness, our Med Sync program here at PrescribeWellness, your pharmacy designates one staff member as the StarWellness champion, who will be trained to utilize the solution to its fullest. This person empowers and equips your staff with all they need to get patients enrolled in Med Sync.

Med Sync programs increase pharmacy profitability

The average Med Sync patient fills 11 out of 12 refills, generating an additional 3.6 scrips per medication per patient. Additionally, the more adherent your patients are, the higher your Star Ratings and lower your variable DIR fees will be. It’s a win-win-win!

Med Sync programs are designed to benefit both your patients and your pharmacy, and they do just that. Many pharmacies are behind the curve when it comes to adopting these new technologies – so we’ve set out on a mission to educate community pharmacies on what they could be missing out on. Don’t fall behind the curve because you prefer traditional methods – after all, the early bird really does get the worm.



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