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Recently, PrescribeWellness sent its very own Udit Parikh, Pharmacist and Manager of Clinical Initiatives to the Midwest Pharmacy Expo in Des Moines, Iowa, where he shared our latest and greatest along with some of success stories about how others are going #BeyondTheFill!

If you missed the symposium, “Subscribe to Prescribe: Patient Care Made Easy,” don’t worry – we got you covered. You can watch the video here:

Or, if you’re a little pressed for time, you can just check out the presentation recap below, and hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two about how PrescribeWellness can help you go #BeyondTheFill to grow your practice and business.

  1. About PrescribeWellness– Founded in 2010, our technology empowers the pharmacy network to deliver truly exceptional care and improve health outcomes while growing revenue. Our vast sphere of influence currently spans across more than 10,000 community pharmacies, 36 million patients, 7 million Medicare eligible subscribers and 50 pharmacy management system partners.

2. Patient Engagement Center- The PrescribeWellness pharmacy dashboard centralizes and visualizes actionable data about your patient and pharmacy’s performance, including those patients who affect Star Ratings, refill opportunities, physician and disease state demographics, and calendar for clinical opportunities and events. As an added bonus, we recently released a new and improved Patient Engagement Center to bring you even more incredible data as part of our ongoing effort to streamline your workflow and improve your business.

3. PharmacyGrowth- Schedule timely communications to your patients via text messages, emails and phone calls – in your voice – to increase adherence, loyalty and Star Ratings.

4. StarWellness- Our recently enhanced Med Sync platform allows pharmacy to break the pattern of non-adherence without investing in additional staff or interrupting workflow. Recent enhancements include the ability to edit short fills, a resync tab and a push-to-queue feature. We now also offer Central Sync, a feature that functions as a support team designed to help get your Med Sync program off the ground by helping pharmacies to identify, enroll, and sustain the right patients in Med Sync.

a. University Training Resources– In addition to pharmacy training, we provide a variety of other resources to help your pharmacy become familiar with StarWellness and its features, including best practices, user guide and Med Sync certification.

5. PrescribeMedicare– Help your Medicare eligible patients find the best plan for their lifestyle. The PrescribeMedicare platform automatically uploads the patient’s current prescriptions, and then walks pharmacist and patient through a plan review together by comparing quality, out-of-pocket expenses and other valuable metrics.

6. VaccineComplete–  In an effort to turn your pharmacy into a healthcare destination, this tool identifies patients who are eligible for vaccines year-round.

7. PharmacyReach- As you may have heard, a lot of exciting stuff is happening on the Internet. Use this tool to grow your business online by designing an engaging social media strategy that will attract new patients and build loyalty.  

8. PrescribeCare- Documenting and getting paid for enhanced services should be easy, and with PrescribeCare it is. This tool also makes producing care plans and exchanging clinical information with the patient’s entire healthcare team simple.

9. ROI & Payment- Discover all the different types of payment models out there, as well as how to get paid for these services. Some examples include: collaborative practice agreements, insurance referral contracts, per-patient-per-month basis and pharmacies with provider status.

10. Patient Care Programs- Let’s take a look at the programs we’ve already started.

a. Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC)- First to obtain Level III capability from CCNC for the Pharmacist eCare Plan initiative.

b. Health Plan Programs (Highmark & Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama)- Both focus on adherence improvement and result in a payment for the pharmacy per member per measure with more than 80% adherence. This is a bonus payment not retroactive like DIR fees.

11. Future– Let’s explore the additional partnerships we are working on.

a. Partnership with Clinical Support Services to increase CMR completion rates utilizing PrescribeCare.

b. Michigan Medicaid medication therapy management third party administrator utilizing PrescribeCare to document and bill for MTM.

c. Opioid Management and risk stratification program utilizing PrescribeCare to document encounters.

d. State-based networks support utilizing PrescribeCare to document encounters and bill for payment.

Still have questions? Connect with our customer support team at or give us a call 800-960-8147

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