Marketing Case Study: Medicare ID Card Scam

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When it comes to the basic principles of marketing, everyone either knows – or has at least heard of – The Four Ps: we’re talking product, price, place and promotion. With respect to pharmacy, there is little to be said about the first three, but the fourth P – promotion – too often flies under the pharmacy radar, and it shouldn’t! Think about it, you provide some of the best and most accessible patient-centric care around, but unless patients know that, your biggest selling point remains something of a secret. And herein lies the problem: rather than keep it a secret, you should do everything in your power to shout it from the rooftops… or in today’s terms, spread the word through digital marketing mediums like social media!

So, right about now you’re probably asking, “What does a successful social media campaign look like?” In the world of social media advertising, Facebook remains the king–their ads are typically the cheapest, easiest to track and completely optimizable!

Now that we know what platform to use, here are some things to consider when creating the ad itself.

    1. Set a Goal– This could be to get more followers, sales or simply to increase engagement.
    2. Set a Target AudienceWho is this message relevant for?Everyone on Facebook, People Connected to Your Page or is it a Custom Audience.
    3. Images- Use an eye-catching image. You don’t want a potential customer  scrolling right past your ad, do you?!
    4. Messaging- Provide information that  your target audience actually WANTS to hear about. Remember, the goal is to grab their attention and add value.

To help you dig a little deeper, we’ve put together a case study on a recent campaign we implemented focused on a timely and relevant topic received quite a bit of media attention: Medicare scammers.

The Case Study:
While well-intentioned, the decision to replace enrollees’ Social Security numbers with an 11-digit numeric ID on Medicare cards has left the elderly vulnerable to yet another medical identity theft scam. Call scammers are now targeting this population by posing as Medicare representatives requesting payment and/or additional personal information in order to process the “new ID card.” While this may seem like a no-brainer to most in the healthcare industry who are hip to Medicare best practices (Medicare doesn’t even communicate over the phone!), it’s not so simple for the everyday patient, and particularly not for the elderly.

This presented a clear opportunity to engage with our patient population, provide timely and helpful information to help protect these patients and also reduce the overall number of future cons attempted by these scammers.

The Execution:
From here, it was simple. We knew our audience and we had a reason to reach out – often the two most difficult elements of a campaign to narrow down. Next, we put together a Facebook ad campaign that provided some background on the scam and encouraged patients to pass the news along to a friend. We added some simple, eye-catching creative and watched the results roll in.

The Outcome
Patients were eager to learn more and share the information with their friends and loved ones. To give you a more specific breakdown, we’re talking 14,000+ shares, 180+ comments, and 4,200+ likes on just a $350 ad spend!

The Lesson
Today’s patients want solutions and tips for building and sustaining health, and they are eager to listen, learn and share when they find information helpful. Community pharmacies have a massive opportunity to be a voice of authority and provide much-needed education to their patients – both online and off. This is especially true for any pharmacy looking to go #BeyondTheFill and focus on providing enhanced services. As evidenced by the results above, your patients want to hear about important health-related topics, and once they identify you as a voice of authority, it’s a win-win for everyone.

What’s the morale of the story? Patients need to know that the community pharmacy is so much more than just the place they can go to get their prescriptions filled; they need to know the community pharmacy is  a healthcare destination where they can go to receive a variety of enhanced clinical services. And here at PrescribeWellness, that’s exactly the message we are trying to convey: community pharmacy provides a lifetime of better health and patient care.

How do we do this? Well, we’re pretty much experts at utilizing proprietary de-identified data to execute a multi-channel communication approach to ensure that the right message is delivered to the right customer at the right time. Better yet, take a quick peek at the video below to get a window in to our secret sauce.

Now that you’ve seen the different ways we communicate with patients, keep your eyes open for health news and topics to share your perspective on, and start spreading the word today!

Now that you’ve seen the different ways we communicate with patients, keep your eyes open for health news and topics to share your perspective on, and start spreading the word today!

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