Medicine Park Pharmacy Offers Medicare Part D Plan Selection Service to Better Serve Patients

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Charity Dodson, Pharm D of Medicine Park Pharmacy interviewed by Bruce Kneeland 

Recently, Medicine Park Pharmacy in Sanford, N.C. implemented an effective Medicare Part D plan selection service. According to Charity Dodson, Pharm D of Medicine Park Pharmacy, the initiative has been very well received. Her insights provide great feedback for those considering such a service.

Dodson states that their success can be attributed to three key points:

-First, Dodson trained a detail oriented, yet personal technician to manage the program.

-After careful evaluation the pharmacy switched from a previous vendor to the PrescribeMedicare module available from PrescribeWellness. She says they found the module to be faster, more accurate and easier to use.

-Promoting the service was critical and simple; Medicine Park Pharmacy posted promotional pieces provided by the vendor, handed out bag clippers and made it a point of conversation with their existing customers.

It’s important to note for pharmacies contemplating providing this service that you cannot directly influence, or “steer” patients on which plan to select. However, one thing the PrescribeMedicare software does is populate all of the prescriptions a patient is taking into the system. It uses this data (and more) to show the fees and co-pays associated with the available plans in the patient’s zip code and facilitates the process for patient enrollment while at the pharmacy.

The consults can be completed in 15 minutes and are available either by appointment or walk-in. And, while they do not charge for the service, Dodson says two things happen during the consult that convince her that there is a good ROI.

First, while visiting with current patients, pharmacists often find that the patient has a script being filled at another pharmacy and they almost always get permission to transfer it. Second, the uniqueness of the service becomes a reason for patients to tell their neighbors and friends about the pharmacy. According to Dodson, this year they picked up a new patient that transferred in 11 prescriptions!

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