A Small Chain Goes #BeyondTheFill by Providing Enhanced Care

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Kara Wilcox, PGY1 Community Pharmacy Resident of Middleport Family Health Center interviewed by Bruce Kneeland. 

Kara Wilcox is a PGY1 Community Pharmacy Resident at Middleport Family Health Center in Middleport, NY. This, and six other pharmacies are owned by Steve Giroux, R.Ph. Giroux is a cutting-edge pharmacist that served as the President of the National Community Pharmacist Association in 2008.

As part of her residency, Wilcox is providing enhanced care services including MTM, Medsync, adherence packaging and diabetes training. To help plan, track and report on the effectiveness of the services they provide, Wilcox uses PrescribeWellness’ PrescribeCare module and the results have proven to be invaluable.

Middleport Family Health Center, along with 23 other independent community pharmacies, participated in a six-month pilot program with a local health plan that paid them for conducting a number of services including; specialized nutritional counseling, statin recommendations, comprehensive medication reviews and other services for a targeted diabetes group. By utilizing the PrescribeCare module, Wilcox was able to document that 81% of the patients in her program showed significant improvement in the health plan’s targeted metrics, providing important insight to better serve her patient population.

The things that Giroux and his team are doing are just another example of how innovative pharmacy owners are creating new and better ways to care for patients while also boosting profits. One important way they do this is is by charging for some of the services they provide. For example, by combining a patient’s MedSync program with a pill pack service they can charge $20. There is even a service where they will include a patient’s OTC or nutritional supplements into the pack. These supplements can be purchased elsewhere, or the pharmacist can help the patient select products from the store.

Go #BeyondTheFill today and see how offering enhanced services can help transform your business!

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