A Year #BeyondTheFill – June

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#BTF Campaign Spotlight

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This June, there’s no better way for community pharmacists to show patients how much they care about them than by enrolling them in a care campaign.

June Spotlight Campaign: Care Campaigns

Chances are some of your patients need to quit smoking, right? While others  probably need to do a better job managing their diabetes. Some may even need both. Either way, it’s time you show your patients how much you care about their health by enrolling them in PrescribeWellness’ brand new smoking cessation and diabetes education care campaigns. Care campaigns are sent as a series of convenient texts, so patients don’t feel burdened or overwhelmed by the information. And because the texts are backed by behavioral science, these care campaigns actually work!

Quick Tip: Summer Fun

Summer will be here before you know it, and that means many of your patients will be going…on vacation. Getting patients to remember to take all of their medication can be challenging even without the strawberry daiquiris and tropical beaches. That’s why we created a campaign that helps remind your patients to get all of their refills before summer vacay kicks into high gear. And while we’re on the topic, don’t forget to set your pharmacy’s vacation hours if you’re heading out of town. For those who don’t have access to PharmacyReach, sign up for the FREE June social planning calendar below to access to this post and others!

Come On Down: Antibiotic Follow Up!

Patients know they need to take their medication when they’re not feeling well, but yet many tend to stop taking their meds when they start feeling better – often before the prescribed dose is complete. While you know this is a mistake, some of your patients may not. So, we encourage you to use PharmacyGrowth to schedule a timely post-antibiotic follow-up voice communication to remind your patients how important it is to complete the full round of medication – while they’re still taking their medication.

Communicating with Patients

Phyllis Spurlin, PharmD

This month our featured PrescribeWellness pharmacist is, Phyllis Spurlin, PharmD and Pharmacist in Charge at Green River Pharmacy in Liberty, Kentucky.

phyllis interview pic

How important is communicating with customers with respect to improving overall patient health?

I have to start by saying that our Star Rating has recently shot up from a 2 to 4.71. Now, while we know that gain is directly attributed to the success we have had enrolling patients in Med Sync, it’s worth mentioning that a major reason we were able to achieve that success in the first place was due to increasing our commitment to patient communication. I believe communication is the key to adherence, and as we all know, adherence is a major driver in improving patient health. So, whether we send a refill reminder, a medication pick up notification, a text care campaign or even a simple happy birthday message (a huge crowd pleaser, by the way), the truth is our patients can’t get the level of personal communication we are able to deliver anywhere else. And because we know how important communication is, we rely on it to build relationships and touch lives, which not only leads to improved patient health, but it also creates additional clinical opportunities, and in our case, much lower DIR fees!

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