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Things to Know

EQuIPP vs. Performance Metrics

We know there can be some confusion between your EQuIPP scores and PrescribeWellness Performance Metrics. With this cheat sheet, we’re breaking down each and comparing them, so your pharmacy will know the differences between the two – what they measure, which patients are included, the thresholds, and even when they’re reported. Get a full breakdown by clicking here.

We Want You to Thrive!

PrescribeWellness is partnering with Thrive Pharmacy Transformations to launch a CE-accredited webinar series! This will be a 10-part webinar program that will cover a variety of important industry topics, like value-based reimbursements, medication optimization, workflow solutions and more. Trust us, you don’t want to miss these! The series will begin on June 28th. We’ll be sending out more information as we get closer, but you can register here today!

Let’s Sync Up!

Managing a Med Sync program might be a little scary, but that’s why we’re here. As a StarWellness pharmacy, you are automatically eligible to participate in Central Sync, our month-long program that will equip your pharmacy staff with the knowledge and tools needed to scale and sustain your own Med Sync program. Just ask Poole’s Pharmacy Care of Owensboro, who recently completed our Central Sync program!

Poole’s Pharmacy Care of Owensboro began with just 1 patient enrolled in StarWellness and a pharmacy Star Rating of 3.36. Today they have 86 patients enrolled and a pharmacy Star Rating of 4.49! These increases are a testament to the hard work of the pharmacy staff at Poole’s Pharmacy Care, as well as the success many Central Sync pharmacies see after completing the program!

If you’re interested in joining (and why wouldn’t you be?!), contact us today!

Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind

Open Enrollment is still months away, but that doesn’t mean your pharmacy should put Medicare on the back burner. Your patients enter the Medicare-eligible age when they are within three months of their 65th birthday (before OR after!). So yes, your patients need help with Medicare plan selection throughout the year, and not just during Open Enrollment. Be the help they’re looking for by helping them pick the best plans for their out-of-pockets costs AND for your pharmacy, so everybody wins! Click here to learn more.

You’re Not Alone…

What to say when your friend offers to give you a ride to the airport…

Wait, for free? Yep. Just like PrescribeCare MSO. PrescribeCare MSO empowers your pharmacy to deliver enhanced patient care services by leveraging the PrescribeWellness network of community pharmacies to negotiate reimbursements and contracts on behalf of your pharmacy. Signing up ensures that your pharmacy will have access to future programs at no. extra. cost.

Ok, we’ll stop talking now. Get your questions answered here, then sign up here.

What to say when your voicemail box is getting really full…

…can you just text me?Actually, yes. For all of our pharmacies with PharmacyGrowth, we are now offering Care Campaigns! Care Campaigns are text messaging programs designed to help patients manage their chronic conditions — diabetes, smoking cessation, etc. — or make lifestyle changes, like those needed for weight-loss. Want to learn a bit more first? Check out our resources, including a Care Campaign video and info sheet.

What to say when you realize you can’t fit your new furniture through the doorway…

Let’s break it down. Just like we’ve done for you, when it comes to registering with your State IIS. Registration can be confusing and time-consuming since each state has different requirements, necessary paperwork, etc. This resource will tell you exactly what you need to do to push vaccination information to state no matter where you are! Find out what your state requires here.

What to say to your grandmother who just made a Facebook profile…

You’re a little behind Grandma… If you’re also feeling “behind” when it comes to social media, check out our PharmacyReach Cheat Sheet. This sheet breaks down the Who, What, When, and Where of social media, so you can become an expert. Want to learn more? You got it.

In Case You Missed It…

Sending faxes to a patient’s physician is so helpful, as it allows you to communicate important drug related information with the physician. Our newest update makes this feature even better! Before, you could only send a fax if there was at least one remaining refill, but now you can send a fax with zero remaining refills! Try it out in your PEC today!

In the News

PrescribeWellnessAcquires Pharmacy-Related Assets of VoicePort
“This acquisition provides pharmacies with an end-to-end solution for patient encounters, clinical interventions, and workflow efficiencies…”

PrescribeWellness Debuts Collaborative Practice Agreement for Point-of-Care Services, Including Influenza and Rapid Strep Testing 
“This is an excellent opportunity for community pharmacies to enhance revenue while improving health at the patient and population level…”

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