PrescribeWellness Launches VRxAssist: Virtual Staff to Help Community Pharmacies Expand Business and Improve Patient Outcomes

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IRVINE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PrescribeWellness, a leading cloud-based patient relationship management solutions company that inspires collaboration between pharmacies, payers, providers and their patients for better health, today announced VRXAssist, a turnkey “virtual staff” solution designed to provide pharmacies with the support they need to expand services, optimize quality measures and workflow efficiency, improve patient health outcomes, and capitalize on new and hidden revenue opportunities.

“Community pharmacies can no longer rely on dispensing revenue and find themselves in a Catch-22: They need additional staff to capitalize on new and emerging payment models but can’t justify the expense until the revenue has started coming in,” said Al Babbington, CEO of PrescribeWellness. “VRXAssist provides the business intelligence, advanced analytics and virtual staff they need to go ‘beyond the fill,’ serving their patients, improving care and capitalizing on current and emerging revenue opportunities.”

VRXAssist is the first technology-enabled service offering of its kind for retail pharmacy. The service provides pharmacists, technicians and marketing experts in a central location to support expansion and free up time for more patient care activities. VRXAssist’s highly trained virtual staff serves as an extension of the practice, working together on the same technology bundle that includes expanded patient communication, medication synchronization, plan review, immunization integration, and expanded web and social media management. VRXAssist staff will drive additional profits, increase patient loyalty, improve outcomes, and reduce DIR fees. Support functions include:


  • Daily enrollment of high-value patients into Med Sync
  • Calling patients turning 65 and recruiting win/win opportunities during open enrollment
  • Identifying immunization opportunities for eligible patients
  • Targeting and enrolling patients in educational and motivational “Care Campaigns” on topics like diabetes management, opioid counseling and smoking cessation


  • Monthly business reports highlighting actionable patient items and success metrics
  • Preparing opportunity analysis reports
  • Calling transferred out and abandoned patients to recapture and report reasons
  • DIR mitigation plan


  • Local media research and planning
  • Public relations and press release writing
  • Annual health calendar
  • Special events and promotions planning
  • Patient email marketing and monthly newsletters
  • Direct mail creative and fulfillment*
  • Social media management, including 3 to 4 posts weekly for Facebook and Twitter
  • Prescriber email and fax outreach program
  • Provider relations and detailing kit
  • Website optimization

*Product and postage not included

“As the owners of 20 independent pharmacy locations, we understand the value of marketing for growing a retail pharmacy business,” said Nicolle McClure, president of GRX Marketing. “But we also understand that pharmacy owners are spread thin and rarely have time to give marketing the attention it warrants. In addition, to support in other areas of operations, pharmacies using VRXAssist will find they now have dedicated marketing experts on hand.”

“I agreed to pilot the program because I knew I had the opportunity to grow my business but had staff limitations,” said Jonathan Marquess, PharmD, president and CEO of The Marquess Group. “I was sure I had enough work for one more tech but couldn’t put more responsibility on my existing staff. The VRXAssist virtual staff acts as an extension of my pharmacy and provided the support I needed to grow my business and improve patient outcomes without having to hire more employees.”

About PrescribeWellness

PrescribeWellness is a leading cloud-based patient relationship management solution company that inspires collaboration between pharmacies, payers, providers, pharmaceutical companies, and patients for better health. PrescribeWellness enables cooperation between disparate healthcare systems for better health across America by connecting patients to locally owned community pharmacies. Its proprietary cloud-based platform empowers pharmacists to provide more effective preventive healthcare services, which improve medication adherence, chronic disease management, transitions in care and population health. With data integration and behavioral science as the foundation, PrescribeWellness software solutions position the pharmacist at the center of community healthcare prevention. Inc. 5000 named PrescribeWellness one of America’s Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies for the past three years. For more information, please visit


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