A Year #BeyondTheFill – August

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#BTF Campaign Spotlight

Opioid Intervention –

How bad has the opioid crisis gotten? So bad that today, one in three patients taking prescription opioids don’t even know they are taking opioids! This not only needs to stop, but by virtue of being stationed on the front line of the battle, community pharmacists are uniquely positioned to be a vital part of the solution.   

This August, we hope that you’ll join us in taking a stand against opioid abuse.

August Spotlight Campaign: Opioids

Believe it or not, one of the easiest ways community pharmacists can help patients is simply by talking to them. We have the tools you need to help identify at-risk patients, as well as some helpful tips about how to start the uncomfortable conversation and educate your patients about the potential danger of taking prescription opioids. And, if you feel really passionate about joining the fight against Opioid abuse, we encourage you to join our brand new PharmacyUnited initiative! Learn more here.

Quick Tip: Keep it Local

There’s no denying we live in a time of counting clicks and flashy headlines. And while this works in our news feeds, it’s important for community pharmacies to realize that when it comes to reaching the people in the community they serve, there’s no better way than by utilizing your local news sources. To help get you started, click here to access the marketing kit (including press release template) we put together for those joining PharmacyUnited.

Come On Down: Back to School

Summer’s almost over, which means… it’s time for the kids to go back to school! While most parents rejoice in getting back some much needed peace and quiet, a sick child can quickly ruin it. So, we encourage you to use PharmacyGrowth to schedule a timely communication to remind your patients to make sure they bring their kids in for their immunizations before they head back to school.

Fighting the Opioid Crisis
John Power, RPh

This month our featured PrescribeWellness pharmacist is, John Power, RPh, of Power’s Pharmacy in Browns Mills, NJ. John is committed to not only identifying, but actively helping patients, who may be struggling with opioid addiction.  


Based on your experience, if you could give pharmacists one piece of advice to help them help patients overcome opioid abuse, what would it be?

“When it comes to opioid abuse, it is important to realize that the first step in helping someone comes down to communication and knowledge. The biggest issue I have found is the stigma surrounding addiction, and the lack of education about resources available to these families. People/patients are usually embarrassed or scared to discuss these issues. For me, the best method to communicate is to simply reach out when an opportune time presents itself (e.g. a family member of addict seeking advice) in a nonjudgmental way, preferably in a private setting, such as a consultation area. Being judgmental, condescending or looking down on a patient suffering from opioid addiction or a family member seeking guidance for their loved one serves no useful purpose. In fact, to the contrary, I believe it only succeeds in driving these patients back into the shadows. When someone comes into the pharmacy asking advice on the topic of addiction in their family, we as pharmacists have a unique opportunity to engage with them and try our best to assist them in directing them down positive pathways with this problem. There is an old saying by Sir Francis Bacon that “Knowledge replaces Fear.” That knowledge may simply come in the form of directing the patient – or the caregiver in their family – to available help that they simply had no idea even existed. This help can be local Community, County and State programs, or it can come in the form of a discussion on a harm reduction strategy via a physician’s prescription or through a standing order via your individual states’ regulations to provide naloxone to a patient or family caregiver with an at-risk patient in their household. Either way, community pharmacists are uniquely positioned to profoundly and positively impact the lives of patients and their families suffering from opioid addiction by providing them with the tools necessary through educational resources available and, where warranted, the availability of the lifesaving antidote naloxone.”

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