VRxAssist- Take A Permanent Vacation … At Work

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Want to turn your pharmacy into a patient-centric healthcare destination? Of course you do! But if you happen to be working with staff, time and/or financial limitations, this kind of transition can be challenging. That is unless you have VRxAssist because then it’s a day at the beach! But, don’t take it from us, watch the video below to learn more.

The first technology-enabled service offering of its kind for retail pharmacy, VRxAssist equips your practice with a virtual staff that provides support in three main areas: clinical, operations and marketing. Our highly-skilled and experienced virtual team acts as an extension of your pharmacy practice, helping to identify, capitalize and maximize both existing and new revenue opportunities within each support area. VRxAssist allows you to truly leverage the full power of PrescribeWellness’ suite of solutions, alleviating the need for yout to hire more staff while freeing up valuable time that you can instead use to provide more strategic patient care.

VRxAssist Benefits

  • Grow your business opportunities and expand services
  • Alleviate staff and free up time to provide more strategic patient care
  • Minimize DIR fees, take advantage of new and non-dispensing revenue opportunities
  • Optimize quality measures and workflow efficiency
  • Improve patient health outcomes and patient loyalty
  • Go beyond “getting through” busy times of year like Open Enrollment and flu season
  • Level up your Med Sync, plan review and immunization programs
  • Expert coaching and reporting to maximize program impact

And the best part? VRxAssist gives you the power of 3 employees for less than the cost of 1!

Need some highly-qualified, highly affordable help to transform your pharmacy, grow your business and improve outcomes – all while barely lifting a finger? Of course, you do! Just click here to get in touch and schedule a free, personalized consultation and our team will be happy to review the opportunities and revenue impact VRxAssist could achieve for your pharmacy!

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