Celebrating American Pharmacists Month

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One of our favorite times of year is almost upon us. No, we’re not talking about the holiday season, but we are talking about American Pharmacists month! As our communities’ most trusted and accessible health care providers, it’s only right pharmacists get a whole month to be showered with national praise. Despite their job often being a thankless one, they roll up their lab coat sleeves and go the extra mile to take care of us every day, week and month. So, we decided to join the festivities and honor all the wonderful community pharmacists in our network who do such outstanding job of improving health outcomes in America by highlighting a few members of our PrescribeWellness Advisory board. Watch the video below to hear why Jonathan Marquess, owner of Woodstock Pharmacy in Woodstock, Georgia became a community pharmacist.

Why I Became A Community Pharmacist…

“As a fourth generation community pharmacist, my family has been behind the counter caring for patients since 1882, so you could say I grew up in the business. Not only that, I distinctly remember watching both my grandfather and father care for the community, and I remember seeing the impact they had on people, the appreciation they received and the satisfaction it gave them. And I knew I wanted that, too. Today, I can confidently say it is a privilege and an honor to continue the family tradition and go to work every day as a community pharmacist.” –Joe Moose, Moose Pharmacy in Concord, NC

What It Means To Go #BeyondTheFill…

“Going #BeyondTheFill is in everything we do as pharmacists. It means providing patient care that just so happens to include medication or a product. It’s not just about improving a patient’s quality of life, but improving the quality of life of their loved ones and their caregivers. It’s helping patients live their life to the fullest by making sure we know our patients, because we actually take the time to build a relationship with them. It means knowing our patients’ names, knowing their faces and then customizing our actions to deliver a truly personal experience. Sometimes going #BeyondTheFill has nothing to do with medication or healthcare at all; it can just be getting to know our patients and being there to support and care for them on a personal level.” –Chris Antipas, Asti’s Pharmacy in Pittsburgh, PA

A Patient To Remember…

“It was around 3:45pm on a Saturday a few years ago. A woman came in and told me that neither she nor her husband come to my pharmacy to fill their prescriptions, but that I recently helped one of her friends and she spoke highly of me. The woman proceeded to tell me she needed my help – her husband was very sick and she gave me his medication list. I took a quick look at the list and I asked about his symptoms. She said he was very tired all the time. Because I was closing in fifteen minutes, I told her to leave me her cell number and I’d call her on Monday. Over the weekend I went through her husband’s medication list, looked at the drug interactions, but couldn’t find anything. On Monday I conferred with my clinical pharmacist and together we honed in on a medication that we thought could possibly be responsible for the symptoms. So, I called the patient and asked who prescribed her husband the medication in question (Digoxin) and it turned out to be the cardiologist. I next learned that her husband hadn’t seen the cardiologist in over a year and there was no recent blood work done. So, I wrote a letter saying that the Digoxin therapy needs to be looked at, and possibly reconsidered. The woman took the letter and gave it to a doctor, who ran a blood level that revealed her husband was very close to going into toxicity. The doctor immediately reduced the Digoxin dose, and a week later she returned to my pharmacy with good news… and flowers. I was so happy I was able to help, but I was also a little shocked – it was the first time I ever got flowers from a woman!” – IR Patel, Bi-Rite Quality Pharmacy in La Habra, CA

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