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November #BTF Newsletter

Spotlight Campaign:
Diabetes Management Care Campaigns

Did you know more than 30 million Americans have diabetes?1 It’s true, and even more shocking is the approximately 84 million Americans who are pre-diabetic. And now here’s the worst part: roughly 90% of those people have no idea they are pre-diabetic. Unfortunately, diabetes is as common as it is serious. Mix in all the misinformation and uncertainty surrounding the chronic condition and the elevated risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke, amputation and end-stage renal disease (ESRD), and it’s clear diabetes education is something our patients need.

While some know they need to make healthier life choices to prevent (or manage) diabetes, they aren’t sure what that entails. Cue the community pharmacy – the perfect resource to educate pre-diabetic and diabetic patients. In fact, keeping your diabetic patients on track with their medications has never been easier, especially with our Diabetes Care Campaign. Care Campaigns are year-long text messaging programs designed to help your patients manage their chronic conditions through the use of educational and motivational texts. Backed by behavioral-science, Care Campaigns can truly drive positive change in your patient’s lives.

This November, make a concerted effort to leverage your expertise and PrescribeWellness’ Care Campaigns to educate your patients on how to manage their chronic conditions and guide them to living a healthier lifestyle. Want to learn more? Check it out. Curious how PrescribeWellness can help you reach your patient care goals? Then don’t forget to take a peek at the Care Campaign Event Kit for Diabetes Education here!

In addition to our care campaigns, PrescribeWellness also offers diabetic adherence messaging – and we’re expanding this service! Starting this month, we will also start messaging patients about their testing strips to encourage them to refill on time. If you’d like to enroll in this program, call our Client Solutions team. (Please note: This service is available only to pharmacies with PharmacyGrowth. Additional standards may apply depending on your state’s regulations)

1The 2017 National Diabetes Statistics Report

In Case You Missed it

Open Enrollment

Ready for Open Enrollment? Either way, we’re here to help. In fact, we’ll be hosting FOUR training workshops every week until Open Enrollment ends. Click here to register!

Med Sync Workshop

Want to learn more about PrescribeWellness’ Med Sync solution and how transitioning to an appointment-based model can impact your bottom line? Register for the “Synchronization for Pharmacy Enhanced Services” webinar on Tuesday, November 6th at 2pm EST here.

Michigan Medicaid and Payer Opportunities 

Did you know the average Michigan pharmacy has 300 Medicaid patients and Michigan Medicaid has been paying for MTMs for over a year? It’s true, and to make things even better, PrescribeWellness helps capitalize on this opportunity by providing Michigan pharmacies with a list of MTM eligible patients in PrescribeCare! We even submit the billing claim so you can get paid without any of the administrative hassle. Access the toolkit here.

Interested in learning more about payer opportunities? Want to be notified when payment opportunities are launched in your state? 
Click here.   

SOC 2 Compliance

We all know how valuable your healthcare data is. And this begs a very important question: Are your vendors regularly audited by an independent outside party? Well, unless they’ve attained Service Organization Control Type II Compliance – SOC 2 for short – chances are, the answer is no, meaning your healthcare data may be at risk.

But here’s the good news: PrescribeWellness is SOC 2 compliant and proud to be. Want to learn more about why SOC 2 compliance is so important? Click here.

2-Way Texting

If you haven’t already, contact Client Solutions to provision a phone number so you can start communicating with your patients via 2-way texting. Use this press release template and promotional flyer to spread the word!  


Interested in capitalizing on $100K in additional profit opportunities hiding in your pharmacy in the next 12 months? Of course you are, but chances are you’re either too short-staffed or too busy to identify them, let alone carve out the time to act. But don’t worry – your highly-trained VRxAssist virtual staff is standing by and can’t wait to do it for you! Watch the video below to hear what customers are saying about it.

New Key Features

We are always working hard to enhance our solutions to give you the most effective and efficient tools to improve patient care. Check out some of the key updates below, and if you want to see the rest click here!


*Security is a priority for us and our clients and attaining SOC 2 compliance is just the start. PrescribeWellness is proud to now offer Two-Factor Authentication! When you log in, a 4-digit code will be sent to your cell phone or email and you’ll be prompted to enter this code once your login information is submitted. Opt-in to use this security feature from your Settings page.

Patient Engagement

*A new Fax tab is coming to the Message Center! This tab displays faxes sent through the PEC. You can search and filter faxes by a patient’s name, phone number and/or physician’s name. (Please Note: This feature is only available to those who have PharmacyGrowth and access to the Message Center)

Personalize Your PEC

*Now you can get updates when there are unread messages in the Message Center. You can choose to receive these notifications via SMS text or email, as well as edit the frequency (real-time, daily, never) from within your Settings page.

*This just in! Now you can get updates when there are unread messages in the Message Center. Select to receive these notifications via SMS text or email and edit the frequency (real-time, daily, never) from within your Settings page.

*We have redone and upgraded the Settings page! Now you can enable Two-Factor
Authentication for an additional layer of security.

*Now you can upload a customized version of PW­-generated forms (e.g. vaccine pre­screening) to be used instead of the default version.

*Go ahead and choose a default page so when you log in, you’ll land on the page you want.

Custom Calendar

*Create recurring events on your Custom Calendar. Click “Add Event” from within your calendar and a window will appear. Once you’ve added the details, just click the Recurrence tab to select the frequency and end date.

In the News

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That’s all for now. We hope you enjoyed and we’ll see you again in November. In the event you want to go back and reference any of the material, you can always log into University where the newsletters are easily accessible.

With love,

The PrescribeWellness Team

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