Introducing LinkWellness – Connecting the Pharma Industry with Patients

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PrescribeWellness was founded with the aim to create a healthier America by inspiring collaboration for better health. Believing in the power of the community pharmacist, we do this primarily through our technology, data analytics and digital communications services, aimed to help pharmacists deliver exceptional care and improve health outcomes for over 50 million patients.

Today, over 11,000 community pharmacies leverage the award-winning PrescribeWellness patient relationship management platform to communicate with patients, identify medication therapy issues and other patient-related opportunities and risks, improve adherence and much more. We have seen the power and impact of daily patient management through the local pharmacist – and we are increasingly focused on helping pharmacists collaborate with fellow healthcare stakeholders including payers, pharmaceutical companies and physicians to improve health outcomes, lower spending and achieve results together. That’s why we’d like to introduce you to LinkWellness, our offering for the pharmaceutical industry, which includes programs designed to improve patient adherence, reimbursement support services, clinical decision support services, and data analytics consulting. First, we’d like to spotlight our new patient communication programs.

New patient communication programs. We are honored to share that we’ve been working with some of the leading pharmaceutical companies to help improve adherence and reduce first fill abandonment, as well as build education and brand awareness on select key medications through pharmacies within the PrescribeWellness network.

Through our network, we manage 450 million pharmacy data transactions each year and are local to 235 million Americans. With this data, and our powerful analytics capabilities, we are able to provide true insights and valuable medication metrics at the local pharmacy, including number of fills in a month, number of days late, average out-of-pocket copay, number of physicians writing your brand prescriptions in our network, and much more. Leveraging this knowledge, we help pharmaceutical companies see what is really going on with patients — not projections. And together, we build programs that will have the most impact and opportunity to improve adherence by reducing gaps in therapy and first fill abandonment.

When it comes to nonadherence, first fill abandonment is an important factor to address, given that research has shown that new patients are three times more likely to abandon prescriptions than continuing patients. It has also been estimated that a significant majority of nonadherence is intentional, so while cost is the strongest predictor of abandonment, education and patient perception are also shown to be critical – two areas where the community pharmacist can have a profound influence. Our patient communication programs help shape patient knowledge and understanding of their medication through the local pharmacist – who acts as a trusted and highly accessible healthcare expert guiding patients through their therapy.

Here’s how it works.

Data-driven outreach. Programs are powered by our industry-leading solution for patient engagement, PharmacyGrowth, and through it, patients receive text messages from their local pharmacist at key opportunities known to be critical to adherence.

Patients receiving information on how to use their medication and what to expect, refill reminders, as well as discounts and savings opportunities — builds knowledge and encourages adherence. In 2018, our pharmaceutical clients had proven success on two key metrics using our patient messaging platform: improving overall fill rates and reducing primary non-adherence.

Why text message? In a recent survey we conducted, text messaging was the preferred communication method chosen by patients – 84 percent of Americans said they would like to receive medication-related or refill reminders from their pharmacist via text message. Over half of Americans wanted to receive drug/product recall information (52 percent), and nearly 40 percent wanted to receive drug manufacturer coupons through their pharmacist. And, given that young patients are more likely to abandon their medications than older ones, text campaigns are a suitable way to reach target audiences when looking to improve adherence.

In addition, text messages provide the benefit of being able to send helpful instructions, in text or video format, that patients can use on the go. Texting is convenient, and cuts through the clutter to reach patients wherever they are, with the messages they need most. And when combined with the personalization and authority of their local pharmacist, the call to action is clear and convincing.

We believe in the role of the community pharmacist. As the nation’s most accessible healthcare provider and the medication expert, they carry considerable influence with an ability to reach patients like no other healthcare professional. When combined with the power of the PrescribeWellness network, technology and analytics capabilities, we are able to help you reach patients at scale, with data-driven messaging, through the local pharmacist — for greater adherence and brand awareness.Interested in learning more about our program offerings, as well as how our data analytics insights and network could help build your next patient communication program? Let’s connect.


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