Getting Pharmacist-Prescribed Birth Control: What You Need to Know

Pharmacist Prescribed Birth Control

If planning a visit to the doctor’s office just to get a prescription for birth control seems like a lot of effort at times, we have good news for you! Now in California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Maryland, New Mexico, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, and Washington, your pharmacist can prescribe and dispense birth control pills, patches, shots, and rings. Other states like New Hampshire are expected to follow suit soon.

This new law not only makes birth control more accessible for women, but more convenient, too. Those of you who may have a hard time squeezing in a doctor’s visit due to work commitments or other logistics now have the option of stopping by a local pharmacy. In addition, you have easy access to a medication expert who is able to provide a consultation on the range of methods and options. Remember, pharmacists are also part of your healthcare team. In fact, the community pharmacy is increasingly becoming a one-stop-shop for health support and something of a “mini clinic” – providing vaccinations, health screenings, and many other clinical services.

How It Works

Regulations on prescribing birth control vary by state. For instance, in Washington, pharmacists can only prescribe birth control for women over the age of 18, whereas California has no age restriction. The prescription fill amount per visit also varies by state.

Once at the pharmacy, you will fill out a brief screening questionnaire. There is no need for a physical exam, but your blood pressure may be taken to ensure that birth control is a safe option for you.  

It is worth noting that not every pharmacy in the above-mentioned states is prescribing birth control, as pharmacies are not required to provide this service. So, we recommend calling your pharmacy to check if they provide birth control consultations, or visiting this site to find other locations that provide this service. You can also use our directory to find other pharmacies that are close to you.


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