Prescribing Contraceptives at the Pharmacy: Getting Started

Have you heard the news? A new legislation grants pharmacists prescribing authority for hormonal contraception across many states, expanding access for women throughout the country.

As of today, pharmacists in
California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Maryland, New Mexico, Oregon, and Utah are allowed to prescribe hormonal contraception without a Collaborative Practice Agreement. Tennessee and Washington also passed the legislation, however, they require a Collaborative Practice Agreement; New Hampshire and other states are expected to follow suit.

This legislation marks a pivotal step towards patient-centric care by removing barriers that can prevent adherence, while also increasing convenience that can save patients time and money. Why would patients make an extra trip to the doctor to get a birth control prescription when they can get it prescribed and filled at their one-stop shop pharmacy? The short answer: they wouldn’t.

Prescribing hormonal contraception also marks an important opportunity for pharmacists to continue establishing their pharmacy as a healthcare destination – which is what consumers want, after all. By providing more enhanced clinical services like this, patients will start to view the pharmacy as a hub for everyday health – not only as a place to pick up medications. Plus, prescribing hormonal contraception provides your pharmacy with an opportunity to charge for consultations in addition to the standard prescription dispensing fee.

Getting Started

Training and certification requirements vary by state, so we recommend checking with your state’s Board of Pharmacy to understand the specific prerequisites. Generally speaking, it takes just a few hours of training, and in fact, NCPA has a training and certification program. As you complete the requirements, we’re here to help you streamline the prescribing of hormonal contraception in two key ways:

  • Our eCare plan templates help you conduct and document consultations, clearly outlining the prescribing process, so you know what questions to ask to ensure that you don’t miss anything important. Since prescribing regulations differ in each state, our care templates save you the time and hassle of having to figure everything out on your own. Plus, patient information is captured electronically, which saves you the headache of paperwork.

Our eCare plan templates are available on PrescribeCare, which provides pharmacies with the tools they need to document enhanced services, produce care plans, and exchange clinical information with providers, payers, and more. PrescribeCare allows for a much smoother process that enhances the pharmacists’ ability to provide integrated clinical services to patients, and get paid for it.

  • We’re also providing communications support and marketing kits to help your pharmacy get the word out to patients, so they know that you offer hormonal contraception consultations and are able to prescribe self-administered contraceptives. With our personalized patient communication tools and marketing kits, we can help you reach out to patients via social media, phone, or text messages that are sent on behalf your pharmacy. Our communication tools also give you the ability to respond to patients from one unified platform.

Pharmacies across the country are jumping on this new opportunity to transition their practices into true destinations for clinical services that act as an ally for patients’ everyday health and well-being. We’re here to help you make it happen – connect with us to get started.

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