VRxAssist: Virtual Pharmacy Staff Who Generate Actual Revenue

Virtual Pharmacy Staff

A new era for community pharmacy is already dawning. The transition to value-based care puts pharmacies in an incredible position to step up to new ways to care for patients and create new revenue streams. The opportunity to provide additional enhanced services, such as prescribing birth control or offering point-of-care testing, is exciting but also requires a mentality and model shift that can feel overwhelming to navigate in the course of a busy day. As PrescribeWellness’ CEO, Al Babbington, has put it in the past:

“Community pharmacies can no longer rely on dispensing revenue and find themselves in a Catch-22: They need additional staff to capitalize on new and emerging payment models but can’t justify the expense without added revenue.”

To start, we are talking about conducting Part D plan reviews, capitalizing on immunization opportunities, and enrolling patients in medication synchronization (med sync), all of which help to mitigate DIR fees. If, as a community pharmacy, you are not performing all of these activities, money is being left on the table. So, how can you extend your team and make time for these valuable, revenue-generating activities without hiring more staff? Last year, PrescribeWellness introduced VRxAssist, a new technology-enabled service that offers solutions to the challenges of performing all of these activities while helping pharmacies answer the call to provide daily patient management and patient-centric care.

As the first service of its kind, VRxAssist provides highly trained virtual pharmacy staff that act as an extension of your pharmacy practice to support key clinical, operational, and marketing needs. Working alongside your team and utilizing the PrescribeWellness technology suite, VRxAssist virtual staff provide expert support and guidance to grow your pharmacy business by expanding services, optimizing quality measures, maximizing workflow efficiency, improving outcomes, and capitalizing on new revenue opportunities ― all while minimizing DIR fees.

The insights and workflow efficiency that VRxAssist provides help you and your pharmacy staff to more easily identify and engage in meaningful, knowledge-driven interactions with patients (AKA, to be this kind of pharmacist), improving patient care while also driving revenue with a 5-to-1 return.

Here’s what is included with VRxAssist:

VRxAssist provides you with a virtual pharmacy technician to support med sync, Part D plan reviews, vaccinations, and targeted patient communication opportunities. The virtual pharmacy technician:

  • Enrolls high-value patients in med sync daily, and provides coaching and a calendar to manage patients
  • Conducts Part D plan reviews year-round for patients turning 65, and finds the best plan for them that lets them keep visiting your pharmacy during eligible enrollment periods
  • Capitalizes on year-round immunization opportunities and operations
  • Targets patients using educational and motivational “Care Campaigns” that encourage patient engagement and support better outcomes for chronic conditions

VRxAssist business consultants provide operational support, patient insights, and custom reports to keep your pharmacy on track and hitting the goals you have identified, including revenue opportunities and mitigation of DIR fees. The business consultant:

  • Conducts monthly progress check-ins, and provides business reports highlighting actionable patient items and success metrics
  • Prepares opportunity analysis reports to uncover revenue opportunities
  • Provides a custom DIR mitigation plan

VRxAssist marketing specialists help your pharmacy put its best foot forward in the community and online, engaging patients and providers to build awareness and loyalty that translate to more business. The marketing specialist:

  • Provides a custom marketing plan to keep current patients loyal, and build relationships with new patients
  • Conducts social media management and website optimization
  • Supports engagement with local media outlets and providers
  • Supplies an annual health calendar, and provides planning for special events and promotions
  • Conducts patient e-mail marketing, monthly newsletter and direct mail creative, and fulfillment (product and postage not included)

VRxAssist virtual pharmacy staff work in lock step with your pharmacy team, so you get the power of 3 experts in their fields for less than the cost of hiring one part-time technician!

Today, behind every thriving pharmacy there is a strong support system and an efficient workflow system in place. VRxAssist is designed to strengthen your pharmacy and assist your pharmacy practice in taking the next steps to improve patient care, capitalize on business opportunities, and bring more revenue through the door.

Let YOUR numbers speak for themselves. Send us an email at sales@prescribewellness.com, for a personalized opportunity review to learn how VRxAssist can help improve patient outcomes while growing your pharmacy’s bottom line. 

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