How One Pharmacy Is Transforming Its Workflow with Virtual Pharmacy Staff

VRxAssist Bennetts Pharmacy

We recently shared how the VRxAssist virtual pharmacy staff can be the way that your pharmacy answers the call to provide patient-centric care, shift your pharmacy into a healthcare destination, and grow your business. Today, we’d like to share the story of one pharmacy that, in addition to providing better patient care, has improved medication adherence, workflow efficiencies, and performance metrics with VRxAssist: Bennett’s Pharmacy.

A third-generation, family-owned pharmacy based in Winchester, Tennessee, Bennett’s has been proudly serving its community since 1958. Lisa Wallace, pharmacist and owner, recognized the changing role of the pharmacist in patient care, and turned to VRxAssist to get the support needed to take Bennett’s “beyond the fill” and jumpstart the transition into a healthcare destination that provides patients with a higher level of attention and care.

Wallace took advantage of the support provided by the VRxAssist virtual pharmacy staff to free up time for her staff to assist patients with medication therapy management (MTM) services, medication adherence support, vaccination services, and many other clinical services. Working as an extension of the team, the VRxAssist virtual assistants helped Bennett’s Pharmacy build its medication synchronization (Med Sync) program by identifying and enrolling patients daily, in addition to providing coaching support for the team to manage patients.

Wallace and her team are particularly happy with the improved workflow and performance metrics. Now, with the Med Sync program in place, pharmacists are “one click away from filling an entire medication list.” As a result, Wallace and her team are able to work on a deeper level with individual patients while saving time that used to be spent calculating short fill dates or answering patient calls asking when their medications will be ready. There are many benefits of a Med Sync program, and with support from the VRxAssist virtual staff, Bennett’s has established a streamlined workflow that keeps the pharmacy team and patients on track.

By working in step on the PrescribeWellness Patient Engagement Center with VRxAssist virtual pharmacy staff, Wallace and team are able to take advantage of the full opportunities and insights available to ensure each patient gets the care they need – whether it is over the phone or in-store. “It [VRxAssist] has opened up our time to do many other things to bring in revenue as well. We have more time to do MTMs, adherence programs, and much more time to do vaccinations. By using this platform, we will be able to improve patient’s adherence and our reimbursement at the end of the year,” said Wallace. 

This is an important shift in focus for the Bennett’s Pharmacy team. Having more time to dedicate to patients and revenue-generating opportunities equals living the dream, right?

“In the changing times, it’s important as pharmacists that we know our roles are changing. I highly recommend VRxAssist. It has freed me up to do many, many things that we need to do to thrive.” – Lisa Wallace, Pharmacist and Owner of Bennett’s Pharmacy

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