Time To Care About Point-of-Care

Point of Care Testing at the Pharmacy

If you were to conduct a survey asking which activities people actually want to do, going to the doctor would probably be towards the bottom of that list. And who can blame these hypothetical survey participants? Wait times at doctor’s offices are only increasing and the evidence is mounting that the United States is facing a shortage of physicians.

You’re a pharmacist, which means you already know all of this. You probably also know that your pharmacy can provide solutions for many of the healthcare needs your patients have – with no doctor visits required! In fact, one of the best solutions that your pharmacy can offer is Point-of-Care testing. Point-of-Care testing is not only hugely convenient for your patients, but it is a great way to provide additional revenue for your business. What’s not to love?


By providing Point-of-Care testing, your patients will no longer have to spend days – or even weeks – trying to get a quick simple diagnosis and prescription from their physician. Instead, you can offer patients a one-stop-shop! The pharmacy industry has been steadily shifting to a “patient-centric” model (opposed to the “pill-centric” model of the past), and Point-of-Care testing is the latest way to continue providing your patients with the value-based care they want and need.


Many pharmacy technology solutions, such as PrescribeCare, support Point-of-Care testing for community pharmacies. By supporting three of the most common ailments – Influenza, Strep, and UTI – PrescribeCare makes it easy for your pharmacy to implement Point-of-Care testing by providing pharmacists with care templates that help to streamline patient care processes. Tools like PrescribeCare help generate additional revenue for your practice by identifying and documenting these enhanced clinical services.

As pharmacies continue to transition into healthcare destinations, Point-of-Care testing will only become more common. Many more states are expected to receive Point-of-Care testing authority in the coming months, so make sure your pharmacy is prepared!

Want to find out if your pharmacy has the authority to conduct Point-of-Care testing? Contact your Board of Pharmacy. To learn more about the enhanced clinical services that you can provide to your patients, send us an email at sales@prescribewellness.com.


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