One Pharmacist’s Method for Avoiding Burnout: Virtual Pharmacy Staff

Pharmacist helping patient at the pharmacy counter

With busy season in full swing, we wanted to share how one pharmacist has brought order and a little extra peace back to her pharmacy’s workflow and life by working with VRxAssist, PrescribeWellness’ virtual pharmacy staff. Prior to using VRxAssist, Debbie Yerby, Pharmacist and Owner of Debbie’s Drugs in Fayette, Alabama, was constantly in a state of catching up after hours to keep pharmacy services like medication synchronization (Med Sync) and medication therapy management (MTM) services on track.

We recently caught up with Debbie to learn how VRxAssist virtual pharmacy staff have since helped the Debbie’s Drugs team meet patient needs without getting burned out in the process. Read on to check out what she shared.

How has VRxAssist supported you and your patients? 

Before PrescribeWellness and using VRxAssist, I was staying at the pharmacy after hours to work on our MTM services and Med Sync program, because I didn’t have any other time in the day to do it. Now, I have help with outreach campaigns and enrolling patients in our Med Sync program through the VRxAssist team, to a level I know I could not do on my own.

Since I’ve started to use the VRxAssist virtual staff service for Med Sync support, our pharmacy has seen a significant increase in scripts per week. Getting more of our patients enrolled in the Med Sync program has been a great service to our patients, because now they can plan for their pick up time and budget for their medication needs, instead of making multiple trips and paying during every one of those trips.

How has VRxAssist helped your team?

Working with the VRxAssist team has helped our own team of pharmacists and staff become more organized on daily basis, so we are freed up to connect with our patients more deeply and provide other programs like MTM services. We also have a clearer picture of the medication needs among our patients – we know how much to order, how much to keep in stock and when it will be needed.

There have also been some unexpected benefits along the way – we offer delivery to anywhere in the county. We realized that by doubling down on Med Sync, our staff would no longer have to make extra trips back and forth. I haven’t done the math, but that must be translating to a lot of savings on gas for our pharmacy!

Now, we are delivering medications once a month to patients using Med Sync, instead of multiple times a week, and the same goes for patients having to come in to the pharmacy. Some of our patients who have been with us a long time are sad they don’t have a reason to stop by all the time (which is always nice to hear), but in the end it is a truly convenient service for them for which they are grateful and very receptive. Our new customers have been very excited about our Med Sync program and are enrolling as well.

Any last words?

I love being a pharmacist, and I love owning a store. When I was first starting out as a pharmacy owner, I felt like I had to do everything myself. Over time, I’ve seen that having a team around you and investing in the right resources, like PrescribeWellness and VRxAssist, free me up to take care of my family and my patients better. And of course, I knew it was a great decision to use VRxAssist when one of my kids said they liked that we were getting to have dinner at 6:30 instead of the usual 8pm.

Most importantly, VRxAssist has freed me up to spend more time with my family and make more effective connections with our patients, while offering them a service that’s convenient and beneficial. And that’s what it’s all about.

We couldn’t agree more. Want to hear how another pharmacy is benefitting from VRxAssist? To learn how our virtual staff service has helped the Bennett’s Pharmacy team dedicate more time to revenue-generating activities, visit our Bennett’s Pharmacy testimonial.

Interested in learning more about how virtual pharmacy staff could impact your pharmacy’s bottom line and ability to provide top patient care? Share your information with us in the form and we’ll be in touch to discuss your pharmacy’s opportunities.

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