North Village Pharmacy Increases Patient Adherence and Customer Loyalty

North Village Pharmacy owner Vernon Massengill, RPh, was first introduced to PrescribeWellness while attending a wholesale trade show. Interested in finding a solution that could help his pharmacy stay competitive against the big box retailers, Vernon was quickly impressed by what PrescribeWellness was capable of doing. “When we saw PrescribeWellness, I wanted it that day! IRead more

Stayton Pharmacy enrolls over 300 patients after switching from manual Med Sync to StarWellness technology-enabled Med Sync.

Stayton Pharmacy’s lead technician, Kayla Cooper,  was asked by pharmacy owners, Jamie and Melissa Netland, to take on the role of “PrescribeWellness Champion” and lead their team as they implemented a new, technology-enabled Med Sync offering. She had approximately 40 patients enrolled in Simplify My Meds® manual Med Sync. After completing StarWellness training, Kayla setRead more